BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Project Solutions

Whether you are expanding your facilities, upgrading outdated HVAC equipment to increase energy efficiency, or simply in need of equipment replacement, BMI’s experienced engineering team will develop a customized solution based on your unique needs and the latest available technology.

Engineer2BMI specializes in design and installation projects for commercial and industrial HVAC systems, working directly with building owners. Our engineers can help you automate your building, increase your ROI through system upgrades, or provide energy retrofits and green building solutions.

Our customers can feel confident not only in the customized designs and reliable equipment recommended by our engineers, but also in the unmatched workmanship of our experienced installation technicians.

Plus, through a partnership with Precision Welding, BMI now offers in-house sheet metal, piping, and stainless steel capabilities.


Case Studies


Commercial tenants who experience 3 annual interruptions to HVAC service have a 56% probability of not renewing their lease. If they also have problems dealing with building management, that probability increases to 80%.


Thank You for the quality of service that you have given this division over the past 20 years. Any time we have called with an issue regarding our air conditioning units, you have responded very quickly and professionally. Under our maintenance agreement you have kept all of our units serviced and in excellent running condition. Your staff is professional and always available to meet our needs in a timely manner.

Charlene White
Production Assistance
Berry Petroleum Company South Midway Sunset Asset Team division